Links to other sites with information about the events:

The Bower family website

Research undertaken by Colin Bower, whose father was on the Britannia.

Research into crew member Constantino Misquita

Constantino Misquita was a member of Britannia’s crew who survived the journey across the Atlantic on ‘Lifeboat Number Seven’, but died on the boat when they were in sight of the coast of Brazil. His great-nephew, a journalist from Goa, researched the sinking of the Britannia. The story of ‘The Britannia and the Thor’, can be read on the ‘WWII Forums’ website.

The biography of Stanley Spurgeon on the Australian Navy website

The naval officer who commanded Lifeboat Number Three, and who became the senior naval officer over the survivors on Tenerife

Terence Blank on Lifeboat Number 7

The story of Terence Blank’s journey on Lifeboat Number 7. This is on a website about his home town: Launceston, Cornwall.

The entry for Britannia on the “Scottish Ships” website

A website with information about ships built in Scottish shipyards

The Wikipedia entry for the Britannia

The “Wreck Site” entry for the Britannia

A database of information about ship wrecks and their sites

The Wikipedia entry for the Thor

The raider which attacked the Britannia

The Wikipedia entry for Otto Kähler, captain of the Thor

German newsreel film of the Thor on a visit to Japan

Hilfskreuzer (Auxiliary Cruiser Raider) Thor visiting Japan (on YouTube)